Site Administration:


With our online site admin you can change user name/password, view your site usage data, restore files and backup your files.


To logon click here.

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Hosting Features:


  3 MB of web space

  1 FTP Account

  High End Server

  and More....


FTP Clients:


You can download any of the following FTP clients and use it for uploading your web site.



  FTP Explorer


Free Templates:


Fast Telco offers you free templates that you can change, customize and upload as your home page.

Note: The templates are for personal use only.


  Get the templates




Following is a step-by-step guide to setting up your personal website on Fast Telco hosting service.


First you will need to activate your hosting account from our self care system. Once you are logged in:-

  • Click on Subscriptions

  • Click on the icon  under Basic Web Service.

  • Click on to create your web hosting account 

Key in the required information as follows;  

  • Webpage name, a name for your web hosting account

  • Username and password, a username and password that you will need to manage the actual webpage.

  • Important: Make sure you always remember your email username and password by noting it down and keeping it in a safe place.

  • Webpage address is the page name that will suffix the domain name e.g. mypage where the web address URL will be   

  • Domain, is the domain name that will prefix your webpage address  

     Click on to create and request activation of your web hosting account.

Note: Please allow 48 hours before the web page account is activated and ready to be used.


Once this is done you will receive an email from us with your username and password (please Make sure you always remember your username and password by noting it down and keeping it in a safe place.) with which you can use any FTP client to connect to your hosting directory. Configure your FTP client with the following details:-


Profile name: (Give any name you prefer)

Host Name:

Host Type: Automatic (Default)

User Name: (user allocated to you)

Password: (password)

Click on connect.


Important: Make sure to name your main page "index.html or index.htm" as this is the default page for the web server  



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